Sarah + Peter : Atlantic Beach, NC


Sarah and Peter take the words “meant to be” to a whole new level. We got our first glimpse of their stars-aligned romance when we filmed Sarah catching the bouquet at Jordan and Ralph’s wedding. Just one year later, Sarah and Peter would be tying the knot at the very same place, bringing their incredible group of friends and family together for a completely unforgettable wedding day.

Sarah and Peter have the sort of charm and ease that only a couple who is wonderfully in love can have. It is so evident in every glance, smile and shared moment that they really get each other. Their mutual understanding and enjoyment of each other has been cultivated through being in love for the last ten years, and we know that the unshakeable foundation that they have built will continue to hold them together in the decades to come.

The day started at Sarah’s beautiful family home, which overlooks the Bogue Sound near Atlantic Beach. Sarah and her best girlfriends shared stories, laughter, balloon making skills, champagne toasts, and hugs all morning. It was especially awesome to film all the sweet moments between Sarah and her sister, mom and dad. Even their cute little dog, Emma was there to celebrate with everyone! Next we joined Peter and his best friends at the Dunes Club. Peter helped everyone tie a proper bow tie and Sarah’s mom and sister helped with boutineers. After that the guys went for a stroll on the beach for their photo session, and even wore fun socks with fine art prints to arrive to the ceremony in the most immaculate style.

Before the ceremony, Sarah and Peter shared some pre-wedding anticipation by exchanging letters behind a wall. Even though they couldn’t see each other, they absolutely lit up just holding hands, talking and reading the letters they wrote to each other. Before they said goodbye, Peter surprised Sarah with a Tiffany’s box and a classic kiss on the hand for good measure.

The ceremony setting on the lawn of the Dunes Club is another significant symbol of Sarah and Peter’s long-time love. The two first started dating while Peter was a lifeguard on the beach of the Dunes Club, and their relationship has persevered even through attending rival high schools and colleges. Now back where it all began, Sarah and Peter made their commitment to each other official with an exchange of vows and rings. The officiant’s message celebrated their beginnings just as much as their future, and the ceremony concluded with the Jewish tradition of breaking the glass. After their kiss, Peter stepped on a glass placed on the ground, representing the fragility of marriage and the breaking down of 2 separate lives into the joining of one… as well as the last time Peter puts his foot down in front of Sarah!

From there, Sarah and Peter joined their bridal party on the beach for a quick champagne toast, lifeguard chair photo fun, and sunset romance until it was time for the party to start inside the clubhouse. With a dynamic performance by Empty Pocket, traditional Jewish chair dancing, glowsticks, and balloon hats, everyone partied to their hearts’ content. And then came the grand finale. Everyone gathered outside with cups made from old book pages (great idea by Sarah’s sister Sydni!) filled with gold glitter to throw at Sarah and Peter as they exited the clubhouse. And throw it they did… glitter was literally everywhere and it made for the most magical sendoff we’ve ever had the pleasure of filming. Such a fun way for Sarah and Peter to venture off into their happily ever after!

Thank you Sarah and Peter for giving us this special honor of filming your monumental day! Your love story is one to be remembered forever and a source of inspiration for couples everywhere. It was a total joy getting to know you both, and we have no doubt that your marriage will be filled with neverending love, commitment and a ton of laughter and sweetness! Congratulations!