Sana + Zach : Wilmington, NC


Sana and Zach were such a fun couple to film. One of our all time favorites! They are so full of life and have this special way about them that makes anyone they come in contact with feel like a close friend. We had a blast getting to know them and experiencing their connection with one another. Their officiant explained it best when he said that it is a natural love they share, one made all the more beautiful because they compliment each other so well. This couple truly has it all…a great sense of humor, strong connections to their families, awesome friends, and a passion and endearment for each other that fills the room with energy. They even own a photography business together, which made the experience of filming them even more meaningful to us. Exploring a shared passion with the one you love is something very close to our own hearts!

Throughout the day, we captured so many amazing moments, from the romantic first look against the backdrop of a dramatic sky, to the intimate words spoken during the ceremony, to the spontaneous dancing at the reception…the party was so entertaining we couldn't put down our cameras for a second! There was always something crazy or fun someone was doing! But one of the most inspiring moments we’ve ever captured at a wedding came during the toast given by Sana’s father. During his speech, he included a slideshow with photos and memories from Sana’s childhood growing up in Russia, and told the story of a famous Russian artist who painted couples flying together in the sky. He then presented Sana and Zach with a painting of them in the same style. He couldn’t have chosen a better way to commemorate Sana and Zach’s love story!

Sana and Zach, we can’t say enough about how honored we were to be a part of this EPIC day! Thank you again and again for allowing us the opportunity to share in this special moment of your life. We wish you a wonderful marriage and a lifetime of happiness!

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