Irina + Lucas : Wrightsville Beach, NC


These two! Irina and Lucas are proof that we get to work with the most incredible couples. Not only are they are globetrotting musicians - Lucas is an internationally famous operatic baritone and Irina is a renowned pianist - but they are also two of the most passionate and inspiring people we have ever met. We feel so honored and lucky to have been a part of the day they officially became husband and wife.

The wedding took place in Wrightsville Beach, a lovely town on the coast of North Carolina near Lucas’ hometown. The celebration began at The RiverRoom for the rehearsal dinner party. Friends and family came together and enjoyed an entertaining night with conversation, drinks, BBQ from Casey’s Buffet, and peaches from Lucas’ family peach farm (which also made for the theme of the night… “a peach perfect pair”!). Then everyone gathered around to share the most hilarious and wonderful stories about Irina and Lucas. Hearing it told through their family and friends, we realized even more how unique this couple is and how momentous their wedding day to come would be…

The energy on the day was unforgettable… we started filming with Lucas and the guys hanging out on the beach. They played football and took a giant float (named the “Float of Death” by Lucas’ cousin) out on the water. Out on the float, we could really see how magnetic Lucas’ personality is, as everyone always seemed to be having the time of their lives in his presence! It’s easy to see how such a vibrant spirit could win the beautifully romantic heart of Irina. Inside the beach house, Irina was surrounded by her dearest friends, ones who have been with her since she first fell in love with music, and others who were there at the beginning of her musical career in college. Her excitement for the day was contagious, and everyone could feel the love that was about to unfold.

Airlie Gardens was the next stop for Irina and Lucas. They decided on the pergola garden as the perfect setting to see each other for the first time on their special day. The moment was just like what one of their friends described - sparks went off. These two absolutely melted into each other’s arms and made the garden surrounding them look like something right out of Europe. The ceremony followed back at the beach on top of the Oceanic pier. Up in the clouds, with the waves crashing below and the wind dancing about, the officiant shared the love story of Irina and Lucas. It isn’t everyday that we get to film a ceremony where the couple shares the entire story of their romance, so hearing about all the layers of love that Irina and Lucas built up over the last few years as they’ve found their way together was something for the record books. They wanted everyone there to experience the love, passion and magnetism that their relationship is made of. So how did it all happen? You’ll have to watch the film to find out. These two explain it far better than we ever could. All we can say is that if you don’t believe in love before you hear their story, you will after.

At the reception, Irina and Lucas’ shared love of all things music took center stage. Musicians know how to party without a doubt, and there were a bunch of really talented singers there. The night was filled with hours of non-stop dancing and karaoke. The karaoke singers really set the mood with their expressive performances, packing the floor with an audience who wanted to sing, dance, interact and perform right along with them. Then Lucas, being the karaoke king, took the mic and serenaded Irina with his brilliant voice. The crowd watched as the two spoke through music… a vision of their exciting life together as a musical team. And when the night came to an end, everyone went back out to the end of the pier, where Irina and Lucas first said “I Do” earlier in the day, to send off some Chinese Lanterns. As everyone’s wishes for this couple moved skyward, the night was concluded in style.

Overall, one of the best weddings EVER. It’s surely hard to top a day like this one. To Irina and Lucas, thank you for allowing us to be a part of it all. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to tell a story like yours. Cheers to you both and best wishes for a wonderful marriage and blissful life!

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