Caitlin + Hampton : Wilmington, NC


We had an absolute blast filming Caitlin and Hampton's magnificent wedding weekend! It was an event that focused not only on the love this couple shares for each other, but the love and connections they share with their incredible family and friends.

The celebration began in Wrightsville Beach at the Blockade Runner, where Caitlin and Hampton’s closest friends and family gathered for the rehearsal dinner. Listening to the toasts that were shared throughout the evening, we understood how tightly woven these two families are and how much of an impact Caitlin and Hampton have had on their friends. How often do you meet people who still have friends they’ve known since kindergarten? The memories and affection everyone shared in front of our cameras made the rehearsal night something very special to capture, and we just knew we would highlight the wonderful stories they told all throughout the film. Many of the stories shared involved Camp Trinity, the summer camp where Caitlin and Hampton first met when they were about middle school age. Growing up together and attending the same camp as kids, these two had no idea that one day they would be committing their love, devotion and hearts to one another!

And after having dated for so long, their wedding day was destined to be monumental. Hampton looked incredibly dashing in his officer's uniform and Caitlin was absolutely stunning in her lovely bridal gown! Caitlin’s preparations at her family home were some of the most heartwarming moments we’ve ever filmed. She surprised her mom and Hampton’s mom with matching robes and coffee cups, and then the bridesmaids got together and surprised Caitlin with a scrapbook of pictures and memories from their adventures together. Caitlin’s moments with her father during their first look were just as touching. Their relationship is hands down one of the sweetest we have ever seen! In fact all of the relationships the couple shares with their friends and family are truly beautiful. During Hampton’s prep we even had the honor of meeting and filming many brave soldiers who serve our country. Before leaving for the church, the men all shared in a toast to Hampton’s new life with Caitlin forever by his side!

The ceremony took place at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in historic Wilmington. With the church’s majestic architecture and stained glass windows, Caitlin’s regal entrance to the pipe organ music, the pastor’s powerful sermon, and 6 honor guards performing the arch of sabers for Caitlin and Hampton’s kiss, the ceremony truly looked and felt like something right out of a fairytale. Caitlin’s father said it best… she now has her prince in Hampton!

The cocktail hour and reception followed at the Brooklyn Arts Center, a gorgeous venue in the heart of downtown Wilmington that is always a pleasure to film at. With its elegant courtyard, tall ceilings and grand balcony window, it was the perfect place for Caitlin and Hampton’s classy party! Guests enjoyed fine food and desserts, drinks, fabulous party lights, good music and great dance moves all through the night. And everyone had the time of their lives…there is just something about being in the presence of a couple whose love is deeply rooted in each other, in their families, and in their friends!

Caitlin and Hampton, thank you both for allowing us to capture your fairytale day! You and your families all have such warm hearts, and we wish nothing but the best for all of you! Congratulations!